Don’t Allow Your Past To Define Your Present or Your Future

Who you were five years ago is not who you are today. Who you were ten years ago, that is not who you are today. If you are focused on your personal growth and development and your inner self-growth, then you are always growing and working on becoming the best of yourself. The person you were when you did the things you did when you were young(er) is not the same person who is looking back at you in the mirror. That is why you should not allow your past to define who you are now and who you are becoming.

Do not be alarmed, but your past will always be with you. It is a part of who you are as a human being. Simply put, your past happened in your life and not in someone else’s. However, do not allow who you were in the past to dictate your present and to destroy your future. Use your past as a gauge to see how far you have traveled, how much you have grown and the things that you have learned in your self-development journey.

As you begin to grow yourself, working on your inner self will enable you to do away with the behaviours that no longer serve you. You are changing the thoughts that no longer serve you. Your life does not stop in the past, it continues. We are now in the year of 2014, not 2010, not 2004 and definitely not 1999. The years change, the days, month and hour change and so do you. Each day is a new day that we can create a better Self, a better life for ourselves and for others.

Your growth is personal to you and you will work on it at your own pace. Stop feeling guilty, embarrassed, and ashamed. Stop feeling regret. There is a reason why regret is a wasted emotion. That is because you cannot go back in time and change anything. However, we can use the things that happened in the past to shape our present so that we can move confidently and purposefully into our future. Do not let your past hold you back from thriving in your life.

Do not allow your past to hold you back; use it to empower yourself. Find the times that you had some challenges and difficulties and notice how you handled yourself and the strength you gained from those challenges. If your entire early life was riddled with pain, traumas, struggles and disappointments, look at who you are today and how you survived those traumatic events. One of the best ways to see our past in a different light is to use it to inspire and motivate others.

You can use your past traumas to help others who are experiencing or who have experienced a painful childhood. When seeking out ways to use your life to serve others, make sure that you are not only taking care of yourself, you are also doing something that connects with your Soul. If it does not connect with you then you will not be able to give yourself fully to those you are serving.

You can share your story, share what you have learned, share your pain so that others who are looking for healing and strength can see themselves in what you went through, therefore, they are able to relate. You can do so through your writing a book, writing articles, creating a charity, becoming a Therapist, Life Coach, Social Worker, Counselor or whatever other avenues that can bring you together with the individuals who are seeking understanding, healing, empowerment and someone who is really there for them as individuals. If you are at a loss on how you can use your past to help others, think of what you would have needed then as a child and now as an adult, who may still have that hurt little boy/girl inside of you.

When we go through any of life’s difficulties, disappointments, challenges and or obstacles it can cause us to want to give up on life or we may find ourselves going down an unhealthy path. Coming back from that path will take a lot of strength on your part, upliftment and inspiration from others who have gone through what you are going through or similar so they will understand your pain. Others who have shared their story in order to let others know that someone understands and knows what they are going through.

Okay, you may be saying that you never really experienced anything traumatic in your early life so there is nothing to grow from. That is not true. Your old life may have been okay for who you were at that time. Just because you grew up in something and everyone is doing that, that does not mean that you need to stay with the pack. Like McDonalds – SUPERSIZE YOUR LIFE! Discover your own path and blaze your own trail. You can change your life, you can improve your life and you can expand your life.

One of the first things we need to do is to stop believing that we are somehow bad because of our past and/or our childhood. That is so far from the truth. You are not your deeds and you are not your emotions. Yes, even if you do good, you are not the good deeds that you do. You are also not the so-called bad deeds that you do. Refrain from attaching yourself to external outcomes. That is because external outcomes can change at any moment and if you change at every turn, you will not have a firm foundation on which to stand on.

Growing yourself into the person that you desire will mean bringing up all the emotions that no longer serves you, emotions that if kept inside of you will cause you to be stuck in your past and to what happened in your past. Bringing up and healing those emotions that no longer serve you will also help you to do away with the behaviours that no longer serve you and who you are becoming.

As mentioned before, you can look back into your past for the strength and motivation that you need in your present. While you may have been just surviving in your past, you now have the chance to thrive in your present and future life. That is because you are no longer defining who you are by what happened in your past or by what others use to say about you. You are not that no-good boy that would turn out to be nothing. You are not that stubborn and lazy little girl that others labeled you as, nor are you that little girl whose life is not going to turn out to anything good just because you did not believe in certain cultural or religious issues. Or my favourite, because I do not know how to cook, my husband is going to beat me and cheat on me with the maid. As an adult woman, the cheat on me with the maid part, that I have no control over, however, a man raising his hand to hit me – Don’t think so!

While your past should not define who you are today and who you are becoming, your past can help to mold the person whom you have become. I use my past to help women who are ready to begin their journey to building a powerful and wholistic relationship with themselves so that they can create and live a passionate life.

You too can create the person that you desire to be. You do not need to continue believing what the adults told you when you were a child. Starting today, start to carve out You. Yes, carve out the You that you desire to be. That way you can break free from the tentacles of the past. You will be able to begin living passionately and instead of just surviving, you will now be able to create and live a thriving life.

Auditorium Seats Can Transform The Effect Of Your Presentations

There are many different features and characteristics that should be provided by seating systems installed in auditoriums. You can use auditorium seats to transform your school auditoriums or lecture halls to make your presentations much more engaging. The emphasis is not solely on style or comfort, but it can also improve communication with the audience. The event can be a lecture, a play or a performance, but observations show that the manner, in which the auditorium seats are arranged, can bolster the interaction between the presenter and the audience.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that can be derived from auditorium seats, are enhanced sight lines. In conventional halls, the stage or podiums are set at higher levels, but the problem of poor sight or obstruction is not totally eliminated for shorter people, who can often experience neck strain, or having to contort themselves into uncomfortable sitting positions, in order to get a better line of vision.

Auditorium seats can equalize the differences in height, as the audience members do not need to adjust the lines of sight, but maintain visual contact at eye level throughout the entire performance or presentation. The arrangement can offer a lot of flexibility and also offers the opportunity to create access areas for opens spaces and increased mobility for carts and wheelchairs.

With the right type and formation of auditorium seats, it is possible to create more excitement in your environment. Seats can be comfortable and luxurious or they can be strictly mundane and functional, but they will always affect the audience reaction.

If your auditorium or lecture halls are in need of an upgrade or enhancement, it can be an excellent opportunity to transform the area into a stimulating environment, simply by changing the seats. By changing the seats, you can add color, textures, shapes and more effects with enhanced visual appeal, such as high backs, and thicker padding.

A significant amount of time should be spent or examining the construction of the chairs. The material that includes the fabric and structural material with which the chairs are made can affect the acoustics of the hall.

Manufacturers can conducts tests to determine acoustic properties, but the ultimate test results can only be measured when the seating assembly is completely installed. It is easy to install auditorium seats, after building construction, as there are no concerns for structural integrity. The seating system is done independently and can be done in a variety of ways. The use of modules or kits can save time and money, as seats can be pre-assembled, and allow configuration into a multiple number of formations.

The concerns for acoustics or sound distortions are eliminated, if the auditoriums are situated outdoors. It does not mean that there should be no attention paid to outdoor auditorium seating, as paying patrons will also demand some degree of reliability and comfort. At the same time, the construction and seating designed should is focused on creating a coherent environment, with durable seats that should be easy to maintain.

A University Dissertation and How Professional Printing Can Help a Well Presented Document

Your University dissertation is probably the piece of work that your whole degree is going to be based on. It is the most important assignment that you will have during your studies. Most students spend the week before the assignment date, rushing through to make sure they can get it in on time.

This is a mistake. Not only will the tutor know that you have rushed it because there is likely to be a few mistakes, but you will not have time to work on the presentation of the dissertation.

You should make sure that the dissertation is presented professionally, this will make the tutor feel like you cared for the work and they are more likely to give you a few extra marks. Even a few points could be the difference between a higher degree and a second degree. You should strive to get all the points you can, even minimalistic points.

You can get help with the presentation by hiring a professional printing company to print and bind the dissertation for you. You then have the option of comb or wire or thermal binding and you can have your choice of cover. Some companies will have leather covers available and they can print the title on it.

You will have to pay a bit extra to have the dissertation printed professionally but it is worth the money in the end. It is worth to print them professionally as when you print them in the domestic printers, the paper tend to curl, or colours do not print a true representation. You may take that dissertation to an interview and it might make you stand out enough to get the job over someone else.

It might be nerve wracking for you to trust a company with printing your dissertation, but if you tell them that you are on a strict deadline, they will make sure that your deadline becomes their deadline.

You should also ask the company about having images printed on the front of the cover. This may look more professional and be more inviting for the reader. With so much improvement to various paper stock, you might be able to get this printed on a heavy card.

This adds a design dimension to the dissertation. If you only have a certain amount of money to spend, then you should tell the printing company before you order from them. They should offer you cost effective solutions or alternatives and help you out.

If they try and upgrade you or make you pay for something you don’t need, then they don’t have your best interests at heart and you should switch companies. You need to feel comfortable with the company and they should have no problem selling themselves to you.

Since you will be at the end of your timeline, ensure you arrange to collect the printed and bound dissertation. If you have enough time, this can be couriered to you or sent by express post. If your instructions are clear and you know what you want, you will get a good service from them.

Generally, a good digital printing company will ensure that they provide a quality work that you will be very happy with. If you go to a good company, you will not have any issues with their work.

It may seem like a lot of fuss to get your dissertation digitally printed but with today’s improved technology, you get a very professional finish in an offset quality digital presses. Upside to this is that it will not cost you much to have your proud dissertation professional printed and presented that gives you an edge that is needed in a highly competitive arena.

Planning A Presentation? Use These Tips From Event Marketing Firms

Whether you’re facing your first speaking engagement, or you’re an experienced presenter who’s had hundreds of engagements, there are a few tips from event marketing firms that will help you create an experience that an audience will remember for many, many years. These tips can help lead to a happy and enthusiastic audience and an event planner who’s pleased with your performance, which translates to more speaking engagements and a full, busy calendar.

Event Marketing Firms Don’t Want You To Accept Unpaid Assignments

It happens at least once in every speaker’s career — they’re asked to take a speaking engagement without compensation. It’s important to understand that other people, the planner, the venue staff, the vendors and even the event marketing firms, are all profiting from the conference, which means there’s no reason for a speaker to go without pay. Even speakers who are just starting out need to spend quite a bit of time preparing for the speech and this doesn’t even include the time that’s spent actually at the conference.

If an organization’s staff asks you if you’re willing to forgo your regular payment, you shouldn’t feel guilty about declining. In some cases, they’ll offer to pay for your accommodations and travel arrangements instead of paying you a set wage. While this is a nice offer, it still doesn’t compensate you for the time spent preparing for the speaking engagement.

You may want to make some personal exceptions to this rule, however. If there’s an organization that you’re particularly passionate about, especially if it’s a non-profit organization, it may be appropriate to speak for free. Save receipts for your travel arrangements and any money you spend because you might be able to deduct these expenses from your tax return.

Event Marketing Firms Want You To Know Who You’re Speaking To

If you’re an experienced speaker, you can probably give a speech to any type of audience. However, part of being a good presenter is being able to tailor your message to your audience. Before you give a presentation, ask about the group. It’s important to understand what industry they’re in, but you also need to know the basic knowledge level of attendees. You should also ask the organizer about their expectations, as well as the seniority level of the audience and how comfortable they are with the company and the topic. An annual conference for all employees can be a little more in depth than an initial training session for new hires.

Event Marketing Firms Want You To Ask For Feedback

It’s also important to ask for feedback from your audience. Ask the organizer if he has a plan to solicit feedback. If not, ask if you can create your own. Have the audience fill out a feedback form with specific things they enjoyed and what they felt didn’t work. Also try to schedule some time directly after the speech so you can meet with some key attendees and try to hang out in the common areas, such as the hotel bar, to talk to attendees. While this feedback is informal, it’s also invaluable.

It’s important to use these tips to improve your presentations, but also to make sure that you’re fairly compensated for your hard work. Before you accept a new engagement, make sure that you’re going to be paid, that you understand your audience, and that you’re able to ask for feedback. These things will all help ensure you’ll be a successful speaker.